Applicants & Tenants

If you've already applied for a property with us, login below.


As an applicant, you aren’t able to create an account directly with Renti. You should first apply through the agency’s listing that uses Renti, there are over 200 around New Zealand. You may also have a Renti account by applying through a Trade Me listing.

Apply through one of our agencies

Find a new home through an agency that uses Renti. There are hundreds throughout New Zealand.

Secure and Sign

Agencies use Renti to offer you a propeprty and send you a tenancy agreement.

Get Connected

Easily draw up the required tenancy variation forms. Track and send your documents via electronic signing.

What does the Renti connections service provide?

Free assistance to get your utilities connected in your new home

In one phone call, you can set up all of your utility connections, ready for your move in day.


Power rates suited to your household's usage, rewards and savings plans.


Wireless, ADSL, VDSL or Fibre. The team will connect the household to suit their usage needs and their available connection.


Bottled or piped gas, our team will research the connection available at the house and make sure it's flowing.

One Agent

Your connections expert will support you through it all. Deal with one company.

Our connections agency works with a broad range of companies to set up your tenants in their new homes

+ more

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I look for a property with Renti?
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Short answer, no. We leave finding you a property to our wonderful agencies, if you come across an agency that uses us then you will create a Renti account through them.

How do I create a Renti account?
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To create an account to register to Renti, you will need to have a property in mind and have the listing link to apply. When applying for your first property through Renti, this will automatically create your account.

If you do not have a listing link to apply, contact our support team with the property address you wish to apply for and we can help find the link for you. This link is usually on a rental agency's website, listing advertisement description or can be directly received by a property manager.

How do I check if my application has been submitted?
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1. Log into your Renti account here.
2. Click on 'My Applications'.

Usually, connecting power will happen the same day or next business day. When the power is off at the property someone will need to go to the property to connect it, this can take a little longer.

How do I invite another applicant to my submitted application?
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1. Log into your Renti account here.
2. Click on 'My Applications'.

3. Select the relevant property.

4. Look for 'Add Additional Applicants'.

5. Enter the new applicant's name and email address and scroll down to click 'Save'.

The new applicant should shortly receive an email with a link to complete their part of the application online.

How do I edit my application?
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1. Log into your Renti account here.
2. Click on 'My Applications'.

3. There are a variety of sections that you can jump in and edit which will automatically update on your submitted or draft application.

Why do my Renti applications look different now? (Stage 1 and Stage 2)
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Renti has changed the way applicants apply in accordance with the new privacy guidelines. The application process will now be broken down into 2 stages. We are excited to begin the rollout on Monday 4th April 2022. Any new listings that happen after this date will go through the new 2 stage process. You may experience both versions of the Renti application process during the next few weeks. This will give you time to grow accustomed to the new application flow.  As an applicant, a property manager will only have access to the Stage 2 information when you have been marked as a “shortlisted” applicant. We are here to help with any questions you may have!