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An Update to Our Verified Profiles

An important part of Renti’s missions is to make sure that all tenants are able to easily apply for any property they’d like to choose on our platform. It’s why we spend time helping tenants with their applications and encourage our property managers to send anyone having trouble straight to us so that we can help them get it done right and you can get back to what you do best.

We’ve been working directly with MBIE, the Privacy Commissioner and the Human Rights Commission in order to ensure that every applicant that comes through the Renti platform has an equal opportunity to secure a property to call their own. With this in mind, we’ve recently added the ability for a tenant to verify their profile for free, if they’re facing financial hardship. This operates on a trust basis, where we do not require any proof or reasoning when selecting this option.

We know as well as you do that a verified profile doesn’t automatically mean the tenant gets the property they want, but it does help applicants understand their application in more detail - and we’ve added another cool feature that if they have a verified profile, we’ll guarantee that their power will be on when they move in!

If you know of a tenant in a tough spot, feel free to suggest that they verify their profile for free when applying. It could make their day, which might make yours!

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