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Privacy Updates

From the 2nd of December we will be running a free daily bootcamp on the 2020 Privacy Act updates. Subscribe below to get access to the free digital bootcamp 👇

Principles 1-4: Collecting Information

What information you can collect before and during a tenancy boils down to one golden rule: Only ask for the minimum information you need. The Privacy Commission has provided guidelines around what information you should collect in a Tenancy Agreement. They also offer specific guidance around taking photos in inspections.

Principle 5: Protecting Information

Any organisation is now required to have “reasonable security safeguards”. Furthermore, you are now required to notify the affected parties of any breaches. We’ll walk through a practical guide to security safeguards, what to do if you have a data breach and using 2-factor authentication within Renti to secure your applicant's information.

Principle 6: The Right to Ask For Information

People have the right to request their personal information, and do not have to give a reason why.  You must respond to this request within 20 working days, and you can only withhold this information on the grounds set out in 49-52 of the Privacy Act, or, if another law impacts your ability to do so. On Friday, we’ll walk through how to easily download personal information from Renti, what suitable grounds are for not disclose this information and the penalties for non-compliance.

Principle 7: The Right to Correct Information

A tenant, or applicant, has the right to challenge the information you hold about them. You don’t have to change the information if you don’t believe it to be true, but the tenant does have the right to have a statement of correction attached. We’ll walk through how to respond to a request to correct information and what a statement of correction looks like.

Principle 8: Ensuring the Accuracy of Information Before Using It

You’re required to take “reasonable steps” to ensure the accuracy of the information that you hold about people. This is key for managing a dispute if it should arise.

Principle 9: Retention of Personal Information

On Wednesday, we’ll walk through the guidance from both the Privacy Commission and Tenancy Services on retaining tenancy information. We’ll also show you how applicants can remove their information from the Renti platform easily.

Principle 10: Using Information for its Intended Purpose

Information can only be used for the purpose originally specified to the owner of that information, or a directly related purpose. We’ll walk through a common sense ‘no surprises’ test, and what Renti does to inform tenants about their information use.

Principle 11: Disclosing Information to Third Parties & Using Public Information

An agency must not disclose information unless it is for the purpose it has been collected for. We’ll talk through the guidelines that applicants have agreed to when creating a profile and how this affects your ability to share data.

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