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Renting Re-Imagined with Trade Me Property

At Renti, we have always liked to think of our mission as ‘re-imagining renting’. 

It seems a lofty goal and we felt that it made sense applied to everyone involved in the process of renting and moving into a new property - landlords, tenants, property managers and even other software providers who service the industry.

If it isn’t too much to say, we feel like we’ve made progress on fulfilling our ambitions so far - in the past two years we’ve built strong, growth-focused partnerships with over sixty property management firms such as Oxygen, Property Brokers, Tommys and many more - partnerships founded in listening, understanding industry needs and in working hard and delivering fast to fulfil these needs.

A natural extension of our growth and our way of thinking has always been to look for partners who see the huge value and potential in the property management industry and seek to actively foster that potential, and today we’re excited to announce Renti’s strategic partnership with Trade Me Property, focused on continuing to develop innovative products that provide value to landlords, tenants, property management firms and the community.

Renti’s Co-CEO, Claudia Smith, had this to say on the partnership.

“We’ve always admired Trade Me Property’s interest in and commitment to the rental industry and Trade Me Property’s values align very closely with ours. They were a natural next step for us and we’re incredibly pleased to have formed this partnership with Trade Me Property and look forward to developing some amazing new products together.”

Trade Me Property is already well recognised as New Zealand’s premier provider of property management tools and services, and this partnership will provide an opportunity for the partners to continue to enhance and grow these services to benefit tenants, property managers and landlords alike.

Trade Me Property’s Head of Product, Glen Arvidson, commented.

"Trade Me recognised Renti as an ideal partner given their simple and easy processes, proven ability to innovate and create software that's intuitive to users."

Both businesses are hugely excited by the opportunities inherent in this partnership and looking forward to co-creating the future of property management.

Together, we provide an end to end solution for Tenant Onboarding, with integrated ID, credit checking, communications management, agreements, digital signing and so much more. Reach out today for more information or a demo.

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