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Introducing, the team that brings you Renti

Years of deep articulated thinking , specialising in big data, finance, analytics comes Claudia - a highly dedicated, intelligent life form focused on leading the team’s strategic direction and keeping us all in check!

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Claudia Smith



Even more years under his belt, Russell Smith (not related) a fast thinking, fast talking, slow moving (old) sales extraordinaire. Russell’s job easy, he just needs to convince people to use Renti.

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Russell Smith



Matt (Matthew to his mates) our in-house computer genius: a fiercely talented, finger whizzing, explosive ball of keyboard coding frenziness – Matthew is designed perfectly. It’s true, great things do come in small packages!

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Matt Hayward

Head of Tech


A heck of a lot less years on earth but a huge amount of words spoken in those years comes Gabriella Scott-Lister, a dynamic, whip smart, graphically motivated, colour chart enthusiast marketing guru – Gabi’s part in this play, to keep everything working and keep it pretty.

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Gabriella Scott-Lister

Head of Operations

gabi@renti.co | +64 27 240 1568

Simon Julian. What Simon says, we do! A mighty, managerial mastermind, spanning eons (yeah, he’s the oldest) of years into coding, project management, looking at screens blankly, screaming to himself “what does it all mean!!” If knowledge is power then Simon truly is, nearly powerful.

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Simon Julian

General Manager


Drake's our in-house foodie, if you've got a missed call from him, you can probably milk a free dinner out of it. Fair warning, being a born and bred Canadian, he will talk exclusively about ice-hockey.

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Drake Farmer

Business Development Manager

drake@renti.co | +64 27 357 9714

Whilst not working on Renti, Callan can be found single handedly keeping the the Australian fried chicken industry alive. The only thing he is better at, than frequenting Nandos, is building Renti.

Callan Delbridge


Meet Dom, or TheDominator1998653 as he goes by in the gaming community. He's our in e-sports superstar, racking up 20,000 viewers on his broadcasts. His dedication to precision (whether it be virtual karate kicks or coding), knows no bounds.

Dom Hynes


It's a full-time job looking cute, but this doggo works overtime. Reggie moonlights as our HR consultant, lending the best ear (and sense of smell, which is less helpful, but nonetheless) to listen to the ramblings of the mad.



An Insight Into Our World

More people are renting houses than ever before, regulations are getting stricter, and it's becoming more difficult to effectively manage a property. We've all rented properties, in fact most of us still do. More and more people are renting all the time. Our mission is to rethink and re-envision how this is done on a daily basis. Property managers are the lifeblood of this, and we want to work with you and for you to make your life easier and give you time back.


Customers First

With the guidance of key advisors in the property market, we want to build an application that helps you to achieve your business goals. We workshop with our users regularly to ensure we are solving the problems they face day to day.



We are readily available any time you need us. Just a click, a phone call or a few minutes away from contact! We guarantee you will receive the finest customer service, unmatched by other property management services in NZ and Australia. We are with you every step of the way.


Sustainable Practices

As a business, we are striving towards better sustainable practices. Our target is to lead towards a zero waste environment, from an operational standpoint.

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