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Agreement Builder

Powered by Real-iQ and David Faulkner. Generate your entire welcome pack and send it for digital signing in just one click.

Applications Portal

Streamline application selection with your Renti applications portal. Save time with in-app communication and better visibility across all applicants.

Resource Hub

Discover weekly snapshot vlogs, designed to educate your team and to be easily shared with landlords. Stay on up to date with curated property management news delivered straight to you.

Verified Profiles

Enabling tenants to set themselves apart from the crowd by submitting their applications ID and income verified and a credit report.

Tenant Portal

Applicants can view, and withdraw their applications with ease keeping your team up to date. Saving you time dealing with calls from prospective tenants.


Will Alexander, General Manager

Property Brokers

A great tool that will save time, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience. A no-brainer for any forward-thinking Property Management business.

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Automatic syncing every 15 minutes


Automatically generated PDF summary of the tenancy application and checks are synced to the tenant diary on completion


Head tenant automatically created in Palace with all other tenant generated into the 'Additional Tenants' section


Signed agreements are automatically sent to Palace against the correct tenancy on completion


Ability to push tenants information to Palace before ‘completing’ a listing to track deposit payments


Properties and property managers synced directly from Palace and generated within Renti for easy setup

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