Viewing Bookings & Enquiries

To book more viewers, handle less systems.

Add our viewing bookings & enquiries tool to your listing today.

One Listing

Keep track of your enquiries, viewings, and applications under one page.

Tracked Communication

View and reply to all enquiries in one place against your listing.

Save on SMS

Control your SMS sending with communication customisation and transperancy.

Set and Forget

Removing the manual follow up of applications with Renti.

Three reasons to love this.

With Renti you track the status of your applications, enquiries and viewers in one place, giving you a clear view of each listing.

Visibility for your whole agency
With one listing, it's easy to see which properties aren't rented and why
One account for your future tenants

Say goodbye to an overflowing inbox

Enquiries managed by listing
Two way conversation tracking
Quick actions to invite enquirers to apply to and view properties

Keep track of interest as people move from interested to applied

See when a viewer has applied to your listing
Write notes against registered viewers
Never lose track of your preferred viewers when you favourite people

Let us help you with your owner conversations

Automatic follow up with viewers
Property Condition Feedback
Property Price Feedback

Plus, all of what you'd expect at a price you want.

Mobile Friendly

Complete all your viewing administration on the go.

Automated Follow Up

Our tool does the leg work to get your viewers applying.

Enquiry Tracking

Receive and respond to enquiries with two way tracked conversations.

Reporting & Feedback

Gather more than just an application post viewing.

Calendar Integration

Integrated with Google, Outlook & Office 365.

No Manual Required

In product tours and simple UI to get you started with ease.