Renti Connections

Renti tenants benefits from our free in-house automated utility connections.

What does the connections service provide?

Free assistance to ease the stress and administration of moving

In one phone call, your tenants can set up all of their utility connections, ready for their move in day.


Power rates suited to the household's usage, rewards and savings plans of your tenants.


Wireless, ADSL, VDSL or Fibre. The team will connect the household to suit their usage needs and their available connection.


Bottled or piped gas, MoovMe will research the connection available at the house and make sure it's flowing.

One Agent

Your connections expert will support you through it all. Deal with one company.

How it Works

When people apply, they opt in or out of being contacted.

If their application is accepted, and they let us know they want help, the team will give them a call.

Our connections agency works with a broad range of companies to set up your tenants in their new homes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Renti Connections handle holding accounts?
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Yes, they do! Simply call 0800 666 869 to set up a holding account for a property that you manage.

I need to get in contact with Renti Connections, what should I do?
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As a property manager, you can contact, alternatively, you can call on 0800 666 869.

Does it cost the tenants?
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It doesn't cost the tenants anything, in fact, the Renti agents research the best rates and deals to suit their household and often save them money!

How long does it take to get power connected?
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Usually, connecting power will happen the same day or next business day. When the power is off at the property someone will need to go to the property to connect it, this can take a little longer.

How long does it take to get broadband connected?
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Broadband takes up to 10 working days to get connected, but can often be connected as quickly as 5.