Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Consents

I agree to Renti Limited collecting and disclosing my personal information for the purpose of applying for a rental property and I agree that the information presented is my information to share.

My identification information including either my Driver Licence or Passport information can be used by and supplied to third parties for the purpose of confirming my identity. I agree that the information provided it to be used by the Property Manager, Agent, Owner and/or Landlord to assess my suitability to rent the relevant property. This information may be used to carry out the following checks using trusted data sources: background checks, reference checks, ID verification checks and credit checks. I agree that any information found through any third-party databases that relate to me, can be used for the purpose of considering my rental application. I consent that my personal information (including my debts) can be discussed with any of my references that are provided as part of this application.

I consent that this information can be accessed by the anyone that needs to review the information to select me as the successful tenant for the property I am applying for. This includes but is not limited to the relevant property management agency and the landlord and property owner. I agree that I have have the right to see the information that Renti holds about me, and to have any information held corrected if it is in error. I confirm the information in this form is true and correct and that I have read and signed the Cautions under the Privacy Act 1993.

I agree that the information provided on this form and any information found through the checks undertaken maybe passed onto an agent and entered into third party databases. Subscribers to that database will have access to my information and use that information for the purpose of credit reporting or for any other lawful purpose, including debt collection.

I agree that if I am successful in my application for the tenancy, that the information I have provided will be used to create a Tenancy Agreement.

I agree that if I choose to do so through the Renti process, my information can be shared with MoovMe and other relevant third party moving providers to assist with my move including updating my address with my selected providers, connecting my utilities and arranging removals and storage.

I agree that if I select to make use of these services I can be contacted by email, phone and SMS in order to provide the requested services. I agree that if I choose to participate in these services then I will be bound by the terms and conditions of these third party services.